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Used Tyres Christchurch

Taha Auto is a major supplier of used tyres and rims including mag wheels in Christchurch. We have over 3,000 second hand tyres in stock, so there’s a very good chance that we have what you are looking for and more.

Our Used Tyres scrapyard in Christchurch is Canterbury’s leading second hand tyre scrap yard. All of our second-hand and used tyres are thoroughly inspected and pressure tested so you can trust us, we don’t compromise on quality. When you purchase a second-hand tyre you can save up to 80% and with the huge range of quality used tyres for passenger cars, Taha Auto is your one stop shop. Our brands include Maxxis, Kumho, Continental, Pirelli, Achilles, Nitto, Maxtrack, Nexen and many more.

Taha Auto Christchurch can also provide you with mechanical servicing, wheel alignments, balancing, brakes and puncture repairs. We stock car battery brands including Supercharge, Exide and Nueto.

Our qualified and accredited staff can perform a while you wait service so call in or phone us at Used Tyres Christchurch today!


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Depending on your budget the used tyre option can be very attractive, especially when the used tyre is a quality brand with lots of tread.

If you come into Taha Auto Used Tyres Christchurch, you don’t have to worry. Our friendly & experienced staff can provide professional advice to ensure that you select the right tyres and mags for your vehicle that suits your budget.

Need cheap tyres quickly? Taha Auto houses over 3,000 second hand tyres in stock to choose and ready to be picked up from our Christchurch yards. Our prices start as low as $30 per tyre. All purchases from Taha Auto come with free fitting & balancing for your vehicle!

Passenger Sizes 4 x 4 Sizes Ultra High Performance
155 x 12 215 x 15 205/45 x 16
165/70 x 13 215/75 x 15 205/50 x 16
175/70 x 13 225/70 x 15 225/50 x 16
185/70 x 13 225/75 x 15 215/55 x 16
175/65 x 14 225/80 x 15 225/55 x 16
175/70 x 14 235/75 x 15 205/40 x 17
185 x 14 265/70 x 15 215/40 x 17
185/60 x 14 9R x 15 215/45 x 17
185/65 x 14 175/80 x 16 225/45 x 17
185/70 x 14 215/70 x 16 235/45 x 17
195 x 14 215/80 x 16 245/45 x 17
195/60 x 14 245/70 x 16 255/40 x 17
185/65 x 14 245/75 x 16 225/40 x 18
195/70 x 14 265/75 x 16 235/40 x 18
205/70 x 14 265/70 x 16 245/40 x 18
195/60 x 15 275/70 x 16 245/45 x 18
195/65 x 15 285/75 x 16 245/35 x 19
195/70 x 15 225/65 x 17
195 x 15 235/65 x 17
205/60 x 15 245/65 x 17
205/65 x 15 265/65 x 17
215/65 x 15 275/65 x 17
205/70 x 15 235/60 x 17
215/70 x 15 235/55 x 18
215/60 x 16 265/60 x 18
225/60 x 16 275/70 x 16
235/60 x 16 285/60 x 18
245/45 x 19
285/50 x 20

When it comes to your safety, don’t think twice about replacing your tyres. Taha Auto has something for everyone. Our second hand tyres are of the highest quality and are guaranteed to have a good grip and road track. Most of tyres have a tread depth of 50% to 90%. Your safety is our priority. At Taha Auto we ensure you that our experts are well-trained to help you choose a tyre that will provide you safety, durability and longevity, all at an unbeatable discounted price.

Our scrapyard is full of these tyres, check in with us to buy:

Toyota tyres, Mazda tyres, Ford tyres, Nissan tyres, Mitsubishi tyres, Subaru tyres, Peugeot tyres,BMW tyres, Mercedes-Benz tyres, Isuzu tyres.


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Prior to tyres being allocated for sale as used stock they are all inspected for any defects and irreparable damage. Only quality used tyres that pass the examination and tough inspection are made available for sale to our customers.

One of the best things you can get in this deal is Taha Auto Christchurch treats used tyres like new which means they carry our money back guarantee. How great is that!

Today the emphasis is still on the importation of quality second hand tyres for wholesale and retail. We also offer a complete range of quality new tyres which we are continually sourcing in bulk in order to be competitive on price. We operate from an auto wrecking facility we acquired and redesigned for our purpose. A large part of our business is providing large and small Motor Vehicle Dealers with quality second hand tyres as part of their preparation of used vehicles for resale. They love us as we can cut their tyre account in half.

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If you’re looking for used tyres or rims simply call us on 0800 735 569 or complete our contact enquiry form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


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