Taha Auto Wreckers Otara Auckland – We Buy Cars, We Sell Parts 2023

Buy & Sell Used Cars


If you are in the market to BUY a used car, Taha Auto is your place. On the other hand if you want to SELL your used car, Used Car Buy & Sell Auckland is your choice. Keeping it short Taha Auto is your place for ALL YOUR AUTO NEEDS. We buy and sell used good quality cars. We re-purpose and sell them further or buy them for scrapping and salvaging needs.

Why Should You Sell Your Used Car to Taha Auto?

1. You get quick cash for something that will lose more value with time
2. You save on space and mess, you will have to park your vehicle somewhere anyway
3. This way you’d know your once good vehicle is being re-purposed and sold off to a worthy customer
4. You get to buy a new car without feeling guilty!

Why Should You BUY Used Cars from Taha Auto?

Taha Auto has been re-purposing and selling good quality cars for decades. We have the experience, knowledge and market to get you the kind of car you are looking for. Not only do we re-purpose and refurbish used cars we also make sure they are performing at their optimum by replacing faulty motors, lights and giving it a shiny new look. Used Car Buy & Sell Auckland team perform rigorous test and inspection to finalize which parts of the car are good to use and which should be disposed of. We take the safety of our customers seriously and hence don’t put any vehicle on the road which might be dangerous or inferior.


How Do I know what my used car is worth?

You can enter your truck or car details in the online inquiry form and mention you want a quote for wrecking price. We will check your information and a team of experts will evaluate your car specifications and quote back a value to you.

How do I sell my used car to Taha Auto?

Simply pick up your phone and call us at 0800 102 249. Our Used Car Buy & Sell Auckland representatives will take your name and location and ask you the best time to reach you. Our cash for cars team will pick your truck from your place at convenient time and tow it for free. You will receive payment before towing is done.

Over the period of time, we have salvaged many cars, trucks and vehicles and kept them from being added to the landfills and garbage or sold them by refurbishing them to better standards to low budget owners. We take our commitment to environment and you very serious and will provide you unbeatable pricing offer. If you are still unsure about our process call us or drop by our yard to learn more about Taha Auto and what we can do for you.