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Used Car Shock Absorbers

Buying Affordable Second Hand Auto Suspension in Auckland

Used Car Shock Absorbers

In a car, a shock absorber reduces the effect of traveling over rough ground, leading to improved ride quality. Without shock absorbers, the car would have a bouncy ride. Control of excessive suspension movement without shock absorption requires stiffer springs, which would in turn give a harsh ride.

Shock absorbers allow the use of soft springs while controlling the rate of suspension movement in response to bumps. Cars typically employ both springs or torsion bars as well as hydraulic shock absorbers. In this combination, “shock absorber” is reserved specifically for the hydraulic piston that absorbs and dissipates vibration.

Considerations When Buying Used Shock Absorbers

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Shock absorbers for most Japanese car models are not usually expensive, but customers may find that high-end and performance parts carry a higher price tag than standard shock absorbers. For this reason, many car owners look for Used Car Shock Absorbers. When shopping for used car parts, it is extremely important to examine the condition of the shock absorbers listed for sale. Those that have been used on off-road vehicles have likely suffered more abuse than those used on cars driven around Auckland. A shopper should be sure to check for any leaks in the used shock absorbers before making a purchase.

Another consideration is price. Customers should compare the prices of the used shock absorbers with those of new ones. Used shock absorbers should be priced well below new ones. Likewise, the condition of the shock absorbers should be reflected in the price. Those that have been barely used and look almost new are priced higher than those that show signs of use or have been used for several thousand kilometers.

Taha Used Car Shock Absorbers

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Taha auto spares has a wide selection of recycled and used Shock Absorbers. Used Car Shock Absorbers is Auckland’s number 1 distributor of re-conditioned and used Shock Absorbers and all HoldenAudiFordMitsubishi, SuzukiHonda, NissanMazdaToyota‘s car parts. Ranging from used engines, alternators, carburetors, control arms, drive shafts, gearboxes, starter motors, headlights, tail lights, doors and tyres.

At Taha auto we are No.1 in quality recycled car parts. We offers delivery of all our used car parts to the Auckland area. Used Car Shock Absorbers can also be delivered New Zealand wide by arrangement, depending on location. Delivery of Shock Absorbers does incur a small fee.

What We Do:

We are Auckland’s Premier Shock Absorber Re conditioners:

  • We sell used Shocks & Struts for Cars, Trucks.
  • We also sell after market shock absorbers including the most popular brands of shock absorbers and springs. Boge equivalent EFS & Enforcer shocks by Carrolls Springs, KYB equivalent shocks, King Springs etc.
  • Wheel Alignments
  • Power & Manual Steering Racks, pumps and boxes
  • Springs
  • CV Shafts/Boots, Cells & Accumulators

When it comes to Suspension, you cannot afford to compromise, as your safety depends upon it. With the expert knowledge developed through years of specializing in car suspension and four wheel drive suspension, TAHA Auto can correctly utilize components to suit your individual needs, whether for Performance, Handling, Load Carrying, Comfort, Ride Height or Lowering. Contact the specialist, We’re here to help.

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