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Car Salvage Auckland

As the largest city of New Zealand, Auckland is a metropolitan hive of activity. 1.5 million of people means hundred thousands of vehicles, creating a huge demand for new, used and reconditioned car parts. Unfortunately, due to the increasing costs of land within Auckland region, there isn’t enough space for car wrecking yards. This is where Taha Car Salvage Auckland can help as an online service providing access to many breakers around New Zealand. In particular, we have a number of reliable independent car breakers in Auckland area who are on hand to ensure a high level of service.

Breaking vehicles are a source of used and second hand car parts. An experienced wrecker will select serviceable parts from our breaking vehicles, either as you request any used car parts or to put them into stock. Many used parts are removed from breaking vehicles (sometimes called breakers) and put into stock and are ready to be delivered next day.

Tahaauto.co.nz gives customers the opportunity to search Car Salvage Auckland yards from the comfort of their own homes, without having to compromise on quality or price. The great thing about the Taha auto system is that it allows for you to find auto wreckers from around the country, in order to hunt down the best parts and deals to suit your needs and budget.

Looking for a specific car part? save money on the component you need.

Airbag System
Fuel System
Hub Assembly
Seat Belt

Supporting the used car parts market is an integral part of Taha’s business and, as part of our auto solutions strategy, we have an impressive ‘green recycled parts’ department which stocks over 100,000 recycled car parts – and all of our green parts are sold with a 30-day guarantee.

Why buy used car parts?

In recent years the breaker yard industry has developed massively, with more and more people choosing to buy used car parts. Tough financial times have had an impact on every industry, and car owners have definitely felt the pinch. Many people have turned to maintaining and restoring their existing car rather than buying new, so the used car parts industry is stronger than ever. With many people choosing to source their own parts from scrap yards rather than incurring the cost of pricey garages, the demand on Car Salvage Auckland yards has grown exponentially. This increased awareness of the possibilities that come with used car parts has boosted the industry and created great choice when it comes to sourcing parts.

Wrecking yards can be full of parts that are rare or hard to come by, giving you the opportunity to find a whole host of potential treasures that represent great value for money thanks to the savings you can make by not buying from new. Our Car Salvage Auckland are often staffed with friendly, helpful people who are more than willing to share their knowledge and offer assistance wherever possible.

Sell your Scrap or Damaged Car for Cash

Whether your car has been completely written off or is simply a little run down, we will buy it from you! Take away the hassle of trying to sell a beaten-up motor with our cash for scrap car services. All you need to do is send us your details using the car form on the right, we’ll send you an instant scrap car quote and once you’ve accepted, we’ll be around to pick up the scrap car. We operate 7 days a week, so scrapping a car for cash couldn’t be easier or quicker.