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CoVid 19 Notice

COVID-19 Temporary Closure of Car Parts & Auto Wrecking Services

In line with the New Zealand Government’s decision to move into Alert Level 4 from 25th March 2020, and in an effort to protect our customers and staff, all Taha Auto wreckers have been temporarily suspended until further notice. We will resume our activities when it is safe to do so. The Taha Auto Team are all working from home and are still available by phone and email. You can still get a quote for your unwanted car or spare part and any that are accepted will be contacted when we’re ready to resume our service.

CoVid 19 Notice

Facts About the Coronavirus

The following facts are provided by the CoVid19 website. Click here to obtain additional information about Coronavirus.

  • The Coronavirus does not discriminate. This means that anyone of any race, ethnicity or background can be infected with the Coronavirus.
  • For many individuals, the risk of becoming sick with Coronavirus is relatively low.
  • Older adults, people with underlying health issues (asthma, respiratory failure, cardio issues, and compromised immune systems) can be affected by the disease.
  • There are things you can do to remain healthy. These include:
  1. (a) washing hands often and with soap as well as water. It is advised that you take a minute to wash your hands, to effectively remove bacteria.
  2. (b) avoid touching your face
  3. (c) covering your cough and sneeze with the corner of your elbow, in your arm.
  4. (d) staying isolated when you are sick

Buying Car Parts During the Coronavirus Outbreak

With one look and listen to news reports, it is plain to see that the Coronavirus outbreak is causing sheer panic, fear, and apprehension for almost everyone. But if you are wanting to buy car parts during the outbreak, you may want to either wait or list your car and have a healthy atmosphere for auto parts store.

Selling Unwanted Vehicle:

  • If you feel sick, stay home or cancel the sale of your car. You need your rest and the sale of your car can wait!
  • This Coronavirus is a several- month battle. So, like a car seller, you don’t have to become a hermit, but be aware of activities that are high-risk activities.
  • You can always post pictures of your trademe, talk to prospective buyers, and discuss your car with buyers.
  • If someone wants to meet with you in person about your car during this Coronavirus, be smart and use your discretion.
  • Please do not shake hands with a buyer. If you sell your car during the Coronavirus, AGAIN… please do not shake the hands of the buyer. Instead, nod and smile warmly to convey gratitude.
  • Check NZTA for updates. NZTA is making changes to policies in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak. So, it’s best to call ahead and gets information about paperwork, car titles and such before making plans to go and fill out any document.
  • For any concern you have related to this Coronavirus pandemic, please use your better judgment.  If you have health insurance, call your provider.

Are Taha Auto Taking Precautions to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19?

Like all other employers in New Zealand, Taha Auto is taking many precautions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus among costumers and employees. Some of these precautions include:

  • Sanitize all vehicles inside-and-out.
  • Sanitize and wipe common touched spaces like car doors, office doors, showroom doors, steering wheels, etc.
  • Add additional hand sanitizers in multiple office areas.
  • Add instruction materials to encourage hand washing and keeping hands away from the face.
  • Limit person-to-person contact by expanding online services.