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Junk Car Dealer Auckland

Get Cash for Cars in Auckland Same Day

Do you have outstanding bills you have to pay? Are you planning to buy a new vehicle? Thinking of moving to another country? Need the extra cash? Taha Auto is here to help you! Everyone knows all cars die eventually and more often than not people get rid of their vehicles as soon as they start breaking down.

Junk Car Dealer Auckland

As Junk Car Dealer Auckland, we not only pay top cash for cars, we offer free junk car removal. We buy all cars, from junk to used cars and from unwanted to crashed cars of all makes and models. Wrecked cars and even salvage. We provide a service to Auckland that brings peace of mind and gives you money in your pocket. We handle all paperwork and offer same day pickup. Junk a car with Taha Auto and get cash.

Cash For Junk Cars Auckland

For a quick, hassle free sale, sell your car to us! Taha Auto is an experienced Junk Car Dealer Auckland company committed to offering our customers the very best and effortless experience. Everything we do is around our sellers, we come directly to your home and buy your car anywhere in Auckland. We want to buy any car you have to offer, anything from 2 day old cars to non-runners. If you need money fast we have a speedy and secure payment process, once we’ve exchanged the titles on the car (signed a simple form), we pay cash in hand! You will be guided and have every part of the straightforward procedure explained to you.

We’ve created the most efficient company to help you sell your car in the easiest way possible. Unlike larger, leading companies and car dealers we won’t try to scam you, we believe in being the most trustworthy companies in our community. Our friendly team members work hard to gain the trust of the local Kiwis and our Junk Car Dealer Auckland is thriving in Auckland and the surrounding communities. We enjoy working for the people we serve and couldn’t see a better job than working with people we like.

We specialize in purchasing vehicles directly from the public and providing them some of the best deals, allowing them to get cash instantly and enjoy a hassle-free and time-effective experience when selling a vehicle. For decades, our dedication to paying cash for used cars has proven the fastest and most profitable way to sell your car.


We aren’t a business behind the times or an unreliable operation! With years of experience in the automobile wrecking marketplace, we are experts at what we do and that is making it easier, convenient, and hassle-free for you to SELL your vehicle and make instant cash out of it. Customer contentment is our foremost priority and we will make sure you are happy with the sale. Our qualified, and friendly team will treat you fairly and with respect. You will be paid cash for your vehicle with less hassle and great service!


We are conveniently located around the Auckland, serving the city and all surrounding areas. You can stop by at our business location to see how we operate or to sell your car with minimum disruption, hassle, and time-waste to your life.


We buy any type of vehicles. We purchase used, salvage, damaged, and junk vehicles. We also buy plenty of good running vehicles. The condition of the vehicle doesn’t matter to us and we can handle all types of sales. Even insurance companies, charities, auto auctions, private parties, and tow companies can sell their old and junk vehicles to us. Junk Car Dealer Auckland buys all makes and models of cars, regardless of whether they are running or not. So, drive to your nearest Auckland location or contact us to receive a quick, fair offer for your automobile and use that cash for something useful!

Outside Auckland Service Area

Our car removal service area includes the whole New Zealand:

Car Disposal South Auckland

Car Disposal South Auckland

Car Disposal South Auckland

In New Zealand there is much emphasis on eco-friendly car disposal procedure. At Taha Auto, you have the assurance that your vehicle’s disposal will be done to highest environmental measures . Our business vision is to adhere the code of green auto recycling, so you get the best cash and the greenest Car Disposal South Auckland. Our auto wreckers are experts at  dismantling vehicles. And, so good at it they pay anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.

Taha Auto is always fair when we make an estimate on a vehicle, taking all factors into consideration when we make you an offer like the weight and any precious metals that increase the value of your unwanted vehicle.

How To Get Your Car Disposed of At Taha Auto?

When you have a vehicle you want to get rid of, Taha Auto is the company to contact. We make quick cash quotes in two easy, convenient ways:

  1. Give us a call 0800 002 894 and provide us with the details of your auto.
  2. Fill out our “Get a Quote” that can be found at the top right of this page.

We will ask for the following information about your vehicle:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Age
  • Condition

Then our car valuation team will get to work to provide you with a cash offer.  If you like the offer, just say “Sold.”  Then we will schedule a car removal anywhere in Auckland. We work collecting cars 24 hours a day, so you let us know when you would like your vehicle removed.

Give us a call today at 0800 002 894

Get the Best Payment for the Car Disposal South Auckland

There is no need for your Vehicle to be in a top running condition in order to sell it to Taha Auto. We would buy and disassemble it, salvage the used car parts and recycle the rest. You will get cash for your car according to your car’s condition. Basically, the better the shape it’s in, the higher will be the reward.

Additionally, regardless of your car’s condition, the removal service we offer will get you a fair price for your vehicle because our customers’ satisfaction is our business goal. We are willing to keep our standards high regarding all our initiatives just so we get to maintain that top quality which will make you a loyal customer and will convince you to call us for Car Disposal South Auckland request that you might have.

Why Choose Taha Auto?

When you choose Taha Auto, you choose auto recycling company you can trust. We are fully licensed and insured as a professional used auto buyer & wrecker and have years of experience in the business. We are a company that takes a strong commitment to providing our customers with the best and most convenient services that include:

  • Cash for Cars – We pay up to $9000 cash paid on the spot!
  • Free Car Removals – We come to your location wherever you are at in South Auckland and buy and collect your vehicle for free!
  • Eco-friendly Car Disposals – As the green car recyclers, we keep things green!
  • Provide the Paperwork – We bring all the necessary paperwork with us at the time we remove your vehicle.

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When you sell your vehicle to Car Disposal South Auckland, you get the best in services. And, cash payments that reach up to $9000.  Cash paid on the spot for ANY MAKE, ANY MODEL, ANY AGE, ANY CONDITION of a vehicle-

Cars, Trucks, 4x4s, Utes, Jeeps, Vans, Commercial Vehicles, SUVs, Buses, and Motorhomes.

You give us a call, and a cash offer is on its way. Like the offer, and schedule a Free Car Disposal South Auckland that can be completed today.


Get in touch with the Auckland’s most favorite Car Disposal South Auckland. Call us At 0800 002 894 and book free car removal throughout Auckland suburbs. Please we need VIN number or engine’s chassis number for quick quote.

Address: 248 East Tamaki Road, Otara, Auckland

Phone:  0800 002 894

Email:  info@tahaauto.co.nz

Find out your nearest car disposal service with our New Zealand network of auto salvage.