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Subaru Car Parts Auckland

Have you been searching for Subaru Wreckers Auckland?

Have you been looking for Subaru Car Parts Auckland? Look no more, Subaru Car Parts Auckland are here for you to help you with your query. We are #1 car wreckers Auckland in 2018. We sell and purchase Subaru cars for cash and pay top dollar cash for cars. We have used car parts and new car parts available for all Japanese vehicle models, makes and brands. If you are particularly searching for Subaru car parts, what good place would there be other than Taha Auto Wreckers?

Subaru Car Parts Auckland

Taha Auto Wreckers will Find you Best Subaru Car Parts Auckland

We specialize in getting you the most amazing parts for Subaru and we have mechanics that are expert in auto wrecking, auto salvaging, car dismantling and arranging parts that are perfect for your Subaru Vehicle. We are reputed to be #1 Subaru Car Parts Auckland due to our reliable and top-notch services.

Subaru Wrecking 1998 to 2018 Models:

  • Outback wrecking,
  • Subaru Ace,
  • Brumby,
  • Legacy,
  • WRX wrecking,
  • Omega,
  • BRZ wrecking,
  • B4,
  • Liberty wrecking,
  • Traviq,
  • Tribeca,
  • Levorg,
  • Forester wrecking,
  • XV wrecking,
  • Impreza wrecking,
  • Sambar,
  • Justy,
  • Or any other Models of Subaru Vehicles.

Get your car the right spare parts at the right price!

Taha Auto Wreckers have parts available for all Subaru vehicles that can help make your ride even smoother. If you are searching for used spare parts for Subaru vehicles, then we can get you:

Subaru wreckers Auckland

  • Bumper,
  • Side Wing Mirrors,
  • Used Tyres,
  • Automatic and Manual Gearbox,
  • Body Panel Parts,
  • Second-hand batteries,
  • Windscreen,
  • Mags/Wheels,
  • Used Engine,
  • Seatbelts,
  • Headlights,
  • Window Glass,
  • Shocks,
  • Seats,
  • Tail lights,
  • Guards,
  • Doors,
  • Diff and Axels,
  • And much more!

Get in touch with Taha Auto today

Purchase high-quality used Subaru Car parts from Taha Auto Wreckers today and make your ride even more back to it’s new condition. Get in touch with us today! 0800 002 894.

We also deal with most of Japanese & European vehicles:

Second Hand Radiator Auckland

Why Buy New Auto Radiator? when a Recycled Radiator Could Do for a Fraction of the Cost.

Second Hand Radiator Auckland

A faulty radiator can lead to the worst kind of breakdown; an extremely expensive one, not to mention how impossible it can be to live down! Seeing a car on the roadside with steam billowing out from under the hood makes it pretty easy to tell what has gone wrong.

With time, a radiator can get blocked up with dirt or bugs, it can become damaged by stones. The plastic tanks which are attached to most radiators can be damaged by the constant heating and cooling of everyday use, leading to cracks.

A couple of signs that your radiator needs some attention are:


  • Overheating

  • Leaking onto driveway/garage floor.


The liquid you see pooling under your car isn’t just water, there is also:


  • Water pump lubricant

  • Anti-freeze

  • Anti-boil

  • Anti-rust.


How Taha Auto can Help?


Taha Auto recommend replacing these additives every 20,000Kms. It’s very important to understand the correct mixture of water to coolant that seasonal variations dictate. Too much, or too little can be harmful for your engine.

Radiator Codes

  • 1 Temporary Radiator – Nil Warranty
  • 2 Below average – Nil Warranty
  • Average Condition – 3 months Warranty
  • Very Good condition – 6 months Warranty
  • 5 Excellent Condition – 12 months Warranty

Buy your radiators online – Second Hand Radiator Auckland is new leading online radiator distributor to the automotive trade and retail market.

We understand the frustration caused when your radiator fails, so we want to make your radiator buying experience hassle-free, secure, prompt and even enjoyable, whether it’s done over the internet, over the phone, or over the counter when you call into our store in East Tamaki, Auckland. Buying radiators online from Taha Auto Parts does all this for you, plus much more.

Taha Auto offers you variety of Second Hand Radiator Auckland

The Taha Auto has been in the radiator industry for more than 20 years and has now made the transition to selling used radiators online. We are one of the most trusted names in the radiator industry.

Our many years of experience are your assurance that we will always provide you with the highest quality second hand radiator at a very competitive price. This means that we have already done all the hard work in finding the best radiator for your car, so that you don’t have to.

Why buy auto parts from us? 

  • We have a massive range of car parts from all the major brands
  • Our staff is friendly and ready to find any part you want
  • Twenty years of accumulated combined experience
  • If you live in south Auckland and want to shop locally, we are the best choice
  • We got JapaneseEuropeanKorean car parts on sale

The network of auto wrecking we have specialize in looking for all types of used parts including used radiators.

Try us our today when searching for a radiator!

Taha Auto does more auto services: used tyres, starter motor, auto lights, cash for cars and car batteries, so give us a call 0800002894 if any of the mentioned services you require.